BC game Bonus Offers

Find out all about BC gaming bonuses for Indian players. They are of great importance when the idea is to increase the chances of making more money.

What are the Bonus offers of the BC game

Betting bonuses offered by the BC game online platform are always welcome, regardless of the format offered to players. They go a long way when the idea is to increase the chances of making more money with online sports betting, and in this article, you will understand how some types of bonuses offered by the most famous platforms on the market work.

There are several types of betting bonuses, and each of them can be used in different ways, always benefiting the player. The goal is to retain users who are already registered and to attract those who are not yet part of the online sports betting world.

For those who want to know more before jumping in, a great suggestion is to use the bonus offered by the online sports betting site BC game India. In order to receive the welcome bonus found on this site, you must meet certain requirements as discussed below.

What are the types of bonuses?

Always present on gaming platforms, bonuses act as an encouragement for gamblers. Discover below 7 types of bonuses on sports betting sites. Although the welcome bonus is the most popular, there are other opportunities that a betting site user can take advantage of. Using the available bonuses, you can not only increase your chances of winning but also earn more, especially in sports promotions.

1. Welcome bonus

The welcome bonus is one of the bonuses on the BC game India website

The first and most popular type of bonus on sports betting sites is the welcome gift. This bonus is available only to new users of the platform as a reward for the first steps on the site. There are no rules regarding the award of a welcome bonus, but promotions generally include a percentage of the first deposit amount.

In practice, when registering on a sports betting site and making the first deposit, the user receives a percentage of this amount in the form of a bonus – be it 50%, 100% or 200%. It is important to pay attention to the need to insert a promotional code during registration and the maximum amount of coverage for this deposit.

2. Accumulated rate

Accumulated rate is one of the bonuses on the BC game India website

Another option among the types of bonuses on sports betting sites is the savings bet bonus. Multiple bet is a modality in which a player makes predictions for different matches and markets with the same ticket.

Since this is a very popular type of betting, some bookmakers give their users a certain “coverage” in case of mistakes as a reward. Thus, when betting on the games selected by the online bookmaker, in addition to meeting other requirements, the bonus returns part of the invested amount in case you are unlucky in the predictions. It is quite common for betting sites to indicate on the promotion page which games are eligible for the offer.

3. Bonus for payment method

Bonus for payment method is one of the bonuses on the BC game India website

The types of bonuses on sports betting sites also include different payment methods. To encourage users to use a particular deposit method, many online bookmakers offer bonuses.

Thus, whenever a player uses a certain deposit method, he receives a bonus, which can be double the amount of the deposit or another prize. In this case, it is always useful to know the expiration time of the bonus. Unlike welcome bonuses, which typically last a few weeks, deposit bonuses can expire after a few days.

4. Bonus in sports or championship

Bonus in sports or championship is one of the bonuses on the BC game India website

A sports betting site usually offers a range of sports and championships to its users. However, some sports stand out for their popularity more than others. This applies to football, basketball and tennis. In order for players to learn about other sports, many online gaming platforms give special bonuses to those who bet on a particular sport or championship.

The prize is usually more simple, such as a refund of part of the stake in case of a guessing mistake, or the opportunity to participate in a larger draw. Either way, this bonus can be a great way to experience a sport different from what you’re used to.

5. Risk-free bet

Risk-free bet is one of the bonuses on the BC game India website

One of the most common behaviors of new players is the fear of making a prediction and eventually losing money.

To avoid this situation, one of the types of bonuses on betting sites is the so-called risk-free bet. The goal here is simple: to return the money to the player if he made a mistake. Of course, there are some rules, such as the selection of specific matches, the deadline for participation in the promotion, and even the maximum refund amount. However, it is one of the types of bonuses on sports betting sites that attract new players the most, second only to the welcome bonus in popularity.

6. Specific days and times

Specific days and times is one of the bonuses on the BC game India website

Some sports betting sites also offer promotions that include specific days and times. In this type of offer, by placing a bet on the day and time range indicated by the online bookmaker, the player receives various benefits.

The bonus can be a percentage on top of a timely deposit, a risk-free bet guarantee, or participation in a draw. As a rule, in order to participate in the bonus, the user must register, as this is not a promotion that all players like to participate in.

7. Specific results of the game

Specific results of the game is one of the bonuses on the BC game India website

To close the list of types of bonuses on sports betting sites, there are promotions that give something in exchange for specific results. In this case, there are two most popular modalities. The first of these is the prepaid offer.

When placing a single bet on selected games, if the team you select has a point advantage, the casino pays your guess. This payment is not withdrawn if the opposing team ties or even turns the game around.

Types of bonuses BC game

Discover 7 types of bonuses at BC game

Currently, bookmakers are giving away a lot of bonuses to keep new users. Each company tries to attract its audience. However, each bookmaker offers the bonus differently. Next, you will learn about what types of bonuses there are and how to get them. Despite the different terms, they are basically divided into three different types: free bets, deposit bonuses and cashback.

Bonuses for Betting 

Bonuses for Betting is one of the bonuses on the BC game India website

The first bonus that you will meet is a deposit bonus. Players can get additional benefits by making deposits. It all depends on how much your deposit will be.

  • The first deposit bonus matched up to 180%
  • The second deposit bonus matched up to 200%
  • The third deposit bonus matched up to 220%
  • The fourth deposit bonus matched up to 240%

Follow the conditions to be able to receive this type of bonus:

  • To qualify for the 180% bonus, the minimum deposit amount is INR 30,000 or more.
  • To qualify for the 200% bonus, the minimum deposit amount is INR 45,000 or more.
  • To qualify for the 220% bonus, the minimum deposit is INR 120,000 or more.
  • To qualify for the 240% bonus, the minimum deposit is INR 140,000 or more.

But the advantages of the platform do not end there. While researching for the BC Game review, other casino bonuses were found offering users the chance to increase their winnings through dunk contests and participation in chat rooms.

  • Rakeback Bonus: Allows participants to earn something if they win or lose.
  • New players can get a BC Game bonus code for free for signing up. This gives them one free spin to win up to 5 BTC.
  • There is also a bonus to the master’s medal and shortcodes. The wide range of bonuses that BC Game provides is another utility in itself. The platform has its own stablecoin called BC Dollar or BCD pegged to the US dollar, which means 1 US dollar = 1 BCD.

Welcome Bonus BC game

The best bookmakers do not necessarily offer the highest signup bonus or spread across multiple deposits. Nor are they the ones that require the lowest minimum amount for players’ initial deposit. The best bookmakers are those that offer top-notch service right after signing up.

BC game does not offer a welcome bonus but this is not a disadvantage as there are many other top-notch bonuses on the site. Before judging bonuses, you need to look at how the company treats its customers. Do they offer good payment methods? Do they have a localized website for clients in India? Does Oni provide a good online gaming experience?

Bonuses for Casino

In BC Game, choose any casino bonus

The BC Game casino also offers many ways to make your game more interesting and profitable. Take your luck with you and choose any casino bonus. The company makes sure that the site always has great solutions for the game that can give the best gaming experience.

  • BC Game VIP Club: Casino and bookmaker BC Game rewards loyal players with a VIP Club. Getting higher ranks in the VIP Club is based on the number of games you play. The game is by invitation only, but after the game, most players will be promoted to VIP01. You can participate in Dash Challenges every day, receive Secret Surprises, chat privately, and win Random Chat Rain Rewards. In addition to getting access to real casinos, Super High Rollers have the chance to win trips all over the world as well as other exceptional prizes. We invite you to the annual BC Game Party, where we serve high-quality champagne and fine dining to make you feel like a celebrity.
  • Task Hub Bonus: Users are rewarded simply by completing certain tasks.
  • Refill Bonus: Recharges the user’s ability to keep playing. The Lucky Spin Bonus provides new players with one free spin that they can use to win up to BTC.

BC game Promo code

What are the Promo codes for BC games

Using the BC refferal code of the platform you will get access to some offers. Currently, you will find three main types of promotions on the platform. Check out below what these bonuses are.

  • Reload bonus;
  • Platform loyalty system;
  • Bonus lucky spin.

Always remember that these are just some of the offers on the site. Many other seasonal promotions are offered related to holidays and other events. Most of the promotions you’ll find here are seasonal, so be on the lookout.

  1. The first thing you need to do is access the platform website. This can be done either through your computer or through your mobile device;
  2. Inside the platform, click on the registration button in the header. At the same time, a window will automatically open on your screen in which you will start registration;
  3. You must use a valid email account to which you have access. It is also necessary to go through the verification process within the platform;
  4. Please make sure that all the details you use to register are correct. Now use the promo code to post the newly registered promotion on the site;
  5. All you have to do is log in to the platform using your username and password and make a deposit.

Conditions will vary depending on the BC promo code. It is very important that you read the terms of the offer before deciding to use it. In particular, you need to know the wagering requirements, as well as the deadlines you must comply with.

The terms of the offers can be found in the promotions section of the platform. Simply select the promotion you wish to use to access the terms and conditions. Always read carefully before making a decision.

How to use the BC game bonus

The process of receiving a BC bonus

The process of receiving a bonus has some variations in accordance with the rules of bookmakers. However, all procedures have common features. In an attempt to show that their services are easy to use, online gaming sites try to make things as easy as possible.

This operation includes three main steps:

  • The first, of course, is to create an account with a bookmaker by registering on the site. This involves the user providing basic data such as email, personal and contact information. Companies submit forms for registering a new client in a few seconds. It is important that the player provides accurate information. While they don’t go through the verification process when they open an account, this will happen later. Just for example, when a player requests a withdrawal.
  • The second step is to make your first deposit, which will entitle you to the extra value that the bookmakers provide. Also at this stage, online gaming sites seek to make life easier for users. Thus, they present as many options as possible for the first deposit after registration. For example, payment via bank transfer, e-wallets and, in some cases, even virtual money. In other words, cryptocurrencies.
  • The final step is to use the bonus. Online gaming sites usually set a time limit for completing a rollover (wagering requirement). If the user does not reach the goals within the period, the bookmaker may cancel both the bonus and possible winnings. So, remember the deadlines and minimum chances. And start earning betting bonuses as soon as possible after signing up using betting credits.

Profile verification is also important if you want to withdraw your winnings without any problems. To do this, you must provide scans of documents confirming your identity, such as a passport or driver’s license. The document verification process will take less than 48 hours.

Use bonuses carefully! Sports betting sites have several types of bonuses that go far beyond the classic welcome bonus. And despite their unique characteristics, bonuses on sports betting sites have one thing in common: they all require the attention of the player.

This is because bonuses usually have wagering requirements, which are mandatory elements that must be met in order for the amount to remain in your account. Requirements may include minimum odds in games, selection of specific matches, or even a deadline in days or hours to use the bonus.

If these requirements are not met, the player cannot request a withdrawal of the bonus. Therefore, in order to avoid unpleasant situations, do not forget to carefully read the terms of the promotion before registering for participation. This way you ensure that you know and support what the betting site is asking for. And then, knowing how the bonus works, just take advantage of your new profit chances.

Tips for using BC game bonuses

Some Tips for using BC game bonuses

Since bonuses are usually tied to the period of their use, let’s move on to the first tip. It is important to make the most of the benefits offered by the BC game bookmaker. Thus, even before the initial deposit, it is interesting to strategize how to use the free money from the signup bonus. Thus, the player will be able to avoid unnecessary risks in hastily made betting choices.

However, the main purpose of welcome bonuses should not be overlooked. They should provide the user with the opportunity to get acquainted with bookmakers. Thus, we indicate that the client does not use all the resources in one market within the betting sites. In other words, he must test various investment opportunities. These trials can bear fruit in the medium and long term.

So do not use very high values in search of huge profits with the resources of the welcome bonus. Divide your bets into small amounts to do some extra testing. Thus, as you gain experience and knowledge about the tools, you will be able to take more risks. Then you can chase higher returns in sports betting. Especially after following the rules for prolonging the signup bonus.


What is a rollover?

The term rollover is used to define the minimum bet to unlock the bonus. This is because the promotional credit cannot be withdrawn until the player has used a certain amount of real money on the site. At the end of the rollover, the ad balance is converted to cash balance and withdrawals are unlocked.

How to earn bonuses at bookmakers?

In fact, the first step is to register on the site. Each offer has its own rules, you can find a summary of the conditions in our list of the best offers. Some online bookmakers ask you to select your preferred bonus before making a deposit, while others automatically add a promotional balance. In all cases, the transfer of minimum odds must be completed within the stipulated period. Also, be aware of the deposit requirements: there is a minimum amount valid for promotions and some payment methods are not always accepted.

How to choose the best bonuses?

It may seem difficult at first glance to choose the perfect bonus to use and use when betting. However, everything is very simple if the player knows what he wants to do. If you are starting now, obviously the most viable is the first deposit bonus. For those who already have experience in online sports betting, other bonuses are great. The bonuses mentioned in this article are just a few that exist and are offered by online casinos. And there is a trend towards new bonuses to increase online gaming user loyalty, a segment that is growing significantly in India and around the world.

Why is it important to read bonus conditions?

All bookmakers offering bonuses post the full version of the contract with the rules of the promotion on their website. Quite often users agree with everything. That is, even without familiarizing yourself with the terms of the promotion. This is usually the result of the bona fide relationship you create with the site. This happens even if you click on the buttons to accept the General Terms and Conditions of Online Gaming Sites. However, in the specific case of bonuses, there are significant differences from one sports betting platform to another. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the new user read and familiarize themselves with the Terms and Conditions of this type of promotion.